Duat Lifestyle Group

Duat Lifestyle Group is a multifaceted company with the vision and capability to grow businesses in four niche market segments: retail, hospitality, lifestyle and entertainment. These four sectors, we believe, represent the most optimistic outlooks for business potential in the Cyprus economy.

Duat Lifestyle Group has the vision and capability to grow businesses in the niche retail, lifestyle and entertainment/hospitality sectors. We are developing brands, products and services that meet the expectations of discerning and wealthy consumers, and we are continuously creating exciting ventures that capitalise on the potential.

Using our ability to perceive and recognise ever-changing cultural influences and tastes, we are reshaping the up-market retail, lifestyle, entertainment and hospitality sectors. Duat retail businesses will offer premium, luxury brands throughout the island. And our elegant white-linen restaurant and wine bar, “Do wine & dine”, brings superb eclectic cuisine to a discerning clientele.

Duat is all about what’s best – where customer experience is exceptional.

The Group is managed by Mrs. Zarina Dudnikova.

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Duat will encompass the representation and franchising of high-level brands and personalities in a broad range of modern lifestyle fields. Initially the focus will be in the cuisine, fashion, leisure, style, home, and health & wellness categories.

Forming the thrust of the Duat concept are heightened quality and enhanced standards. Here we refer to bringing big-name businesses to Cyprus; names that have a superior international reputation and that are synonymous with exclusivity, personality, prestige, and of course the highest levels of professionalism and service.

It’s all about memorable experiences

The Duat ethos is essentially all about the clientele; the people who will patronise the various businesses in the group. Like any business, Duat has financial responsibilities to its shareholders, but ours is essentially a lifestyle business; a business that has been created to cater for the personal style and interests of discerning people.

Our business focus is on delighting and sustaining clients’ passions, desires, preferences and needs… to satisfy their expectations in terms of the quality of what we offer, and our professionalism in the way that we deliver the experience.

Duat is on a mission to bring to Cyprus the best, most exciting, most stylish, most modern lifestyle extravagances from around Europe and the world.… desirable products and personal services such as major international brands of luxury goods and jewellery, premier wines and spirits, exquisite restaurants, or unforgettable lifetime experiences — Duat will make it happen.

Do Wine and Dine

Duat’s DO Wine & Dine – energetic and inviting, comfortable and elegant

After careful market research, the directors of Duat Lifestyle Group recognised that there was a segment of the Cyprus hospitality market that was seriously overlooked – that of the sophisticated lounge bar and dining experience. And in a bold and already successful venture, in 2015 the group opened its first establishment to exploit that niche market – DO Wine & Dine – in the prestigious Limassol Pearl complex.

Featuring interior styling that pulls together influences of Paris and New York, DO Wine & Dine presents a unique atmosphere where guests can relax to enjoy the very finest in wines, spirits, cocktails and top-class dining.

With a team of specialists, DO Wine & Dine offers visitors an outstanding experience in bar atmosphere and contemporary dining.

Yacht Chartering

In an exciting twist, Duat will be offering private charter yachts as the perfect way to relax and unwind. Picture a few friends doing what they want to do, when they want to do it;

getting close to nature; visiting quiet coves and deserted beaches only accessible by yacht; returning from a charter refreshed, invigorated, and ready once more to take on life’s challenges. Our crewed luxury yacht charters will also be perfect for business presentations, corporate entertainment, or a romantic honeymoon.


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